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20 October 2000
Drug-Free Websites Launch During Red Ribbon Week
Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego/California/America
Wage On-Line War on Drugs

SAN DIEGO, CACommunities Against Substance Abuse/A Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego, Partnership for a Drug-Free California, and Partnership for a Drug-Free America are waging the war on drugs on-line with two, easy to navigate websites: www.drugfreesandiego.org, and www.drugfreeamerica.org. The non-profit, drug abuse prevention organizations are announcing cutting edge destinations that put visitors at the center of information, user-generated content, community-based initiatives, and forums to prevent substance abuse.

The websites coincide with national Red Ribbon Week, October 22nd - 31st, that honors our U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and the efforts of the many community organizations devoted to illicit drug awareness and prevention. Mary F. Harrison, Executive Director of Communities Against Substance Abuse/Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego, says Red Ribbon Week is a perfect time to introduce the websites. "The sites provide on-line resources to youth and adults who want to make the right choices and want to help others do the same," says Harrison. "Red Ribbon Week commends those millions of Americans who make the right decisions about substance abuse prevention."

Click on www.drugfreesandiego.org and see how local communities successfully organize against substance abuse. Or, get involved yourself, visit Get Involved. The Staying Informed section highlights media coverage of positive policy change. Programs lets you experience our innovative prevention campaigns from our youth alliance, to methamphetamine strike force, to drug free workplace. Need a quick answer to your alcohol or drug abuse questions? Check out our FAQ's

Next, explore drug information that links you to sister website www.drugfreeamerica.org. The Partnership for a Drug-Free America offers an on-line interactive community for teenagers, as well as for adults–plus help for parents and help for teenagers. "We want teens and parents to have virtual anti-drug communities they can call their own," says Richard D. Bonnette, President and CEO of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, "and this site gives all these groups the ability to create one."

Members of the news media will find a comprehensive NewsCenter containing facts about drug trends, and monthly summaries of important drug-related news on www.drugfreeamerica.org. On www.drugfreesandiego.org, find the names and contact information for community advocates and experts in the field of substance abuse prevention in San Diego County, as well as link to other California resources. "I'm excited about the possibilities," says Cindy Prodor, State Coordinator for the Partnership for a Drug-Free California. "Through this virtual, anti-drug community, alliances in San Diego like Communities Against Substance Abuse can communicate with collaborative groups throughout California, share ideas and best practices models, and together address the challenge of substance abuse prevention."

"During Red Ribbon Week, we should contemplate the root of substance abuse," says Mary Harrison of Communities Against Substance Abuse. "The despair of a homeless family, a jobless breadwinner, or overworked 24/7 executive often leads to substance abuse, that in turn can cause other social problems like crime, violence, child and domestic abuse." She says through on-line education, advocacy and service, and by interacting with one another on-line, we can examine this human condition. "Some day soon, we'll reduce the demand for illegal substances by healing the social ills that trigger substance abuse. That's the way to win our war on drugs, says Harrison."

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