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27 December 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
You can make the crucial difference against drugs

The Re: "Make no mistake, it can happen close to your home," (Opinion, Nov. 29):

The impacts of drug abuse are felt by many people, not just the person who is using the drugs. And anyone can be a part of the solution, by choosing to get involved.

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29 November 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Make no mistake, it can happen close to your home

The day before Thanksgiving, the Drug Enforcement Administration arrested one of my neighbors for possession and sale of methamphetamine. Also removed from the premises with all of the other assorted evidence was a very young, barefoot and scared child who was taken to the Polinsky Center. Just another drug arrest to be added to the sum that happens every day, in every jurisdiction, throughout San Diego County and across the nation.

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16 November 2001 - Lakeside Gazette
East County students ask adults to stop providing alcohol to minors

East County students kick off Project Home STOP, a countywide campaign on underage drinking and youth access to alcohol.

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31 October 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Meth deaths increased last year

There were 30 percent more methamphetamine-related deaths in San Diego County in 2000 than there were in 1999, according to a study released yesterday. There were 140 such deaths in 2000, up from 108 in 1999.

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30 October 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Officials: Modest reduction in meth problems

SAN DIEGO – The latest annual report by San Diego County's Methamphetamine Strike Force indicates the county is making some headway against the popular drug.

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