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27 March 2001 - Daily Aztec
Weber pledges to reduce alcohol abuse
Local law enforcement, public heath officials join in

Two students flirted with death last semester – the victims of hazing incidents involving alcohol that caused two fraternities to be expelled from campus.

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24 March 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Colleges, police and government team up to fight underage drinking

Throughout California, police and universities are struggling to get a handle on underage drinking. CSU Chancellor Charles Reed has appointed a committee of CSU presidents and students to review and strengthen the system's alcohol policies.

Recent alcohol-related deaths and near deaths have made underage drinking a priority for campuses. Three members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at the CSU Chico campus were sentenced to 30 days in jail after a fraternity pledge, 18-year-old Adrian Heideman, died after drinking at the organization's house last fall.

"That information should include when they drink, how they drink, where they drink, how and where they acquire alcohol, what happens to them after they drink," [Augustine Gallego] said.

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20 March 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Meth deaths decline, but officials still voice concern

Deaths linked to methamphetamine have dropped the last five years, but the drug remains a concern in the county, according to a task force that celebrated its fifth anniversary yesterday.

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20 March 2001 - North County Times
County's Methamphetamine Strike Force claims victories

SAN DIEGO – Five years after the county's Methamphetamine Strike Force was formed, supporters said Monday they're seeing results – especially in North County.

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15 March 2001 - The East County Californian
Community leaders discuss substance abuse

EL CAJON – Despite what you may hear, business owners and managers in San Diego County have a lot more to think about than just paying the power bill. Another major issue is making sure their workplace is safe and drug-free.

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8 March 2001 - Navy Compass
Truth. The Anti-Drug

Parents who get involved in their children’s activities raise kids who are less likely to smoke pot. Get the book on raising a drug-free kid. Call 1-800-580-7200 or visit www.drugfreesandiego.org.

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2 March 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Attempting to limit underage drinking

On March 30, 2000, 15-year-old Francisco Isais Jr. was drinking beer and vodka in a vacant lot. He then tried to cross the trolley tracks walking between two cars. He never made it across.

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26 February 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Truth. The Anti-Drug

"I donated my son Joe’s brain for research. He was a drug addict. His friends said he did a lot of Ecstasy. This was the first human brain research they had done for Ecstasy damage. Kids think Ecstasy’s a harmless drug. It’s not. They’re risking long-term damage. Memory loss. Depression. No wonder. Ecstasy releases a spurt of serotonin – a chemical in the brain that makes you naturally feel good. Ecstasy abuse can deplete your serotonin, and the brain may take forever to recover. This is what they found in Joe’s case."

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23 February 2001 - El Sol de San Diego
Club Drugs present in 50 deaths
Community recommends strategies to fight growing problem

Kenneth Shortridge learned his 27-year-old son was using drugs. But he found out too late. By then, Caleb was dead.

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15 February 2001 - Santee Star/Lakeside Leader
Employers invited to breakfast

SANTEE – Employers are invited to attend a breakfast 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 21 at the Carlton Oaks Country Club Crest Room, 9200 Inwood Drive, Santee. Registration begins at 7:15 a.m.

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14 February 2001 - KSWB 5/69 - KNSD 7/39 - KFMB 8 - KUSI 9/51 - KBNT 19
Group warns of "club drug" danger

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 14 – A local group launched a campaign Wednesday to educate parents about club drugs and over-the-counter medicines their kids may abuse to get high. Communities Against Substance Abuse, public health officials, and law enforcement officials gathered at El Camino Memorial Park this morning, to warn of the dangers of so-called “club drugs.” Those drugs include GHB, ketamine, Rohypnol, Ecstasy, and others.

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9 February 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Spending money to save millions

There's something out there that's costing you around $300 a year. Would you pay about $14 to try to get rid of it? Absolutely.

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4 February 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
It's not your father's underage drinking problem

Re: "Students grieve for classmate (B-1, Jan. 25):

Here we go again. How sad, what a tragedy, what a broken record. When are we going to wake up and count the coffins?

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1 February 2001 - North County Times
14-year-old honored with memorial and rally against alcohol

Once again, we've seen a newspaper story reporting the death of a young person. This time it was a 14-year-old girl who died at Mira Mesa Community Park, and authorities say there was alcohol involved.

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25 January 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
14-year-old honored with memorial and rally against alcohol

Nia Coleman, the teen who died after being found unconscious at Mira Mesa Community Park Tuesday night, was just 14 years old. A high school freshman. Not even old enough to drive.

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24 January 2001 - KSWB 5/69 - XETV 6 - KNSD 7/39 - KFMB 8 - KUSI 9/51 - KBNT 19
Teen death

“Who provided the alcohol?” That’s what community groups want to know, in the wake of Nia Coleman’s death. The 14-year-old girl died after she was found unconscious Tuesday night, at Mira Mesa Community Park.

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18 January 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Underage drinking no rite of passage

Re: Your Jan 10 story, "Alcohol crackdown deemed a success:"

I wish to congratulate the Sheriffs Department for its proactive campaign to crack down on underage drinking and those who provide alcohol to youths.

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15 January 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Communication the anti-drug

Some of the most dangerous drugs aren't on the street. They're under your sink.

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10 January 2001 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Alcohol crackdown deemed a success

SANTEE – A two-week pilot program to crack down on underage drinking has resulted in the arrest of 47 adults and 63 underage' drinkers and the seizure of six kegs of beer, the Sheriffs Department reported.

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