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14 December 2000 - IMPACTO Internacional
50 estudiantes del este del condado son honrados por sus esfuerzos por combatir el acceso del alcohol por menores

SAN DIEGO – Cincuenta estudiantes del este del Condado de San Diego fueron reconocidos, por la supervisora del segundo distrito, Dianne Jacob por sus esfuerzos por evitar que los j6venes tengan acceso al alcohol.

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13 December 2000 - The East County Californian
Shoulder tap operation targets teen alcohol sales

SANTEE – They are both underage and on a mission.

"Excuse me. I am not 21 and I was wondering if you would buy me some beer?" they say to every other customer that approaches the liquor or convenience store they're standing by.

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8-14 December 2000 - El Latino San Diego
Estudiantes de El Cajon reciben computadoras
El programa también involucra a la familia del estudiante en el proceso de aprendizaje

Quince estudiantes de la Escuela Media Cajon Valley y sus familias recibieron una computadora personal como parte del programa 'Computers for Kids'.

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8 December 2000 - La Prensa San Diego
15 Estudiantes de El Cajon reciben un regalo
Computadoras ayudan a estudiantes a tener éxito en la escuela

EL CAJON –“Mi sueño siempre ha sido tener una computadora”. Este era el deseo de Pablo Vargas, estudiante de octavo grado de la escuela intermedia Cajon Valley, en El Cajon.

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1 December 2000 - La Prensa San Diego
Adultos Que proveen Alcohol a Menores Son el Blanco de Alguaciles de Santee
Operativo en encubierto genera un arresto

SANTEE – Ambos son menores de edad y tienen una misión.

“Disculpe. Soy menor de edad. ¿Me podría comprar cerveza?”, preguntan a cada tercer persona que se acerca a las licorerías enfrente de las cuales están parados.

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16 November 2000 - KGTV 10 - KBNT 19
Underage Drinking

Award ceremony featuring students receiving recognition certificates from Dianne Jacobs, San Diego County Chairperson, Board of Supervisors, for their involvement in the STOP AND BUST campaign regarding adults buying alcohol for teens.

1 November 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Use of meth among women climbs sharply, study finds
Role as appetite suppressant may be part of allure

SANTEE – In an effort to reduce youth access to alcohol and the problems associated with underage drinking, over 30 East County students canvassed local liquor stores in Santee and El Cajon, urging owners to display posters warning adults that it is against the law to furnish alcohol to a minor.

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1 November 2000 - The East County Californian
Campaign seeks to curb alcohol sales to teens

Farrah Mason was 13 and extremely overweight when she first smoked methamphetamine.

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30 October 2000 - XETV 6 - KGTV 10 - KNSD 39 - KSWB 69 - KUSI 51
Stop and Bust

East San Diego County (Santee and El Cajon) High School students appealing to liquor stores and small family stores to help stop adults buying alcohol for teenagers. Asking those store owners to post a poster reminding adults that it is against the law to sell to minors.

17 October 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
No on 36
Drug courts are working, why scrap system?

If the authors of Proposition 36 really wanted to improve drug treatment in California, why didn't they stick to mandating that $120 million a year be spent on treatment?

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17 October 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Jail, time or treatment? Which one is better?

Judge David Ryan is the first to admit that Proposition 36 – a. social experiment whose impact in Califonia could be more profound than the "three-strikes" law – is flawed.

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17 October 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Judge goes against his, colleagues with views on Proposition 36

VISTA – "Me? I'm the maverick? Let me show you something."

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5 October 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Teens battle underage drinking

Some San Diego County high school students called on public safety officials yesterday to join young people in an attempt to discourage underage drinking.

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4 & 5 October 2000 - XETV 6 - KBNT 19 - KUSI 51 - KSWB 69
Underage Drinking

High school students appeal to law enforcement to help stop adults providing alcohol to minors.

4 October 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Tell me I did a good job

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your kids from experimenting with drugs like pot.

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