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23 June 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Substance Abuse Act dangerous, misleading

Re: "Is imprisoning addicts the best policy?" (Opinion, June 15):

Despite the contrary assertions of Gretchen Bums-Bergman and David Beck-Brown, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000 is a dangerous and misleading initiative. Dangerous, because it undermines truly effective drug abuse treatment efforts under way; and misleading, because it has absolutely nothing to do with crime prevention.

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16 June 2000 - West Hills High School
CASA strive to fight substance abuse

On Thursday, May 18, a press conference on the risks and consequences of drinking and driving was held in the El Cajon Community Center. The event was hosted by C.A.S.A., Communities Against Substance Abuse.

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16 June 2000 - West Hills High School
Rude Awakening

Every fifteen minutes, there is someone who is seriously injured, or even killed, by a drunk driver. On June 7, this horrific reality hit home for juniors and seniors of West Hills with the reenactment of a fatal car accident and its aftermath.

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16 June 2000 - The Clarion - Granite Hills High School
Sober grad news conference explains new security policies

On the morning of May 18, news media and student journalists came together from 11:30 am. to 2:00 p.m. to attend a news conference. The conference called attention to the need of preventing drinking and drug use, especially around the time of prom and graduation. The conference was held at the El Cajon Community Center and included a panel of five speakers.

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16 June 2000 - The Clarion - Granite Hills High School
Staged accident shows students first hand effects of drinking and driving

Every 15 minutes someone in the United States is killed or seriously injured in an alcohol-related automobile accident.

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10 June 2000 - The East County Californian
Every 15 Minutes simulates fatal DUI crash at Granite Hills

Students at Granite Hills High School participated in a simulated fatal DUI crash to dramatize what can happen when teenagers drink and drive.

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8 June 2000 - The Alpine Sun
Every 15 Minutes…

The Grim Reaper looks on as a body is carried to a hearse following a simulated fatal DUI crash at Granite Hills High School last week.

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June 2000 - The ConSultant - Santana High School
Drinking, driving can douse life's plans

Partying with his friends was a major part of life for Valhalla student Darin Dale. And of course partying included drinking.

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18 May 2000 - KBNT 19 - KUSI 51 - KSWB 69
Safe and sober

Report on Communities Against Substance Abuse doing a press conference for the High School journalists during the Prom and Graduation season to promote no drinking and driving.

15 May 2000 - KGTV 10 - KUSI 51
Meth Strike Force

Due to the fact that San Diego was once called the "Meth Capital of the World," a report was done involving the processes by which a more positive approach on the war on drugs would be through efforts of the METH Strike Force, prevention and Drug Court, treatment and education. And not to forget the littlest victims of the drug war, children.

13 May 2000 - El Informador
One-time 'meth capital' now model county in federal 'war on meth'

SAN DIEGO – The same county once branded the "Meth Capital of the World" is now receiving Congressional accolades for its fight against the deadly stimulant. San Diego County has gained much ground in its efforts to eradicate methamphetamine and federal leaders are seeking input from the Meth Strike Force as the nation struggles to combat the rapid spread of the drug.

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11 May 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
The silent victims of the meth problem

Politicians are seldom prone to speechlessness. Yet, Rep. Brian Bilbray and his colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee fell silent.

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May 2000 - Multiple Publications
Consider the Risks

Are you under age 21? If you are going to Prom or Graduation ceremonies don't forget to take a closer look and consider the risks.

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May 2000 - El Cajon Valley High School
Be Safe and Sober

It's that time of the year again as we say good-bye to the seniors. But before we say good-bye there are the events that lead up to that. Such as Prom, and Grad Night. Whatever it is that you will do to congradulate yourself on accomplishing high shcool, make sure that you do it safely, make it to your future alive. Don't waste it all on the booze. If you booze you lose. CASA (Communities Against Substance Abuse) would like to take this opportunity to say be careful and though you should have fun at your Prom and an Grad Night, make sure that you do it sober.

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27 April 2000 - The Alpine Sun
Drug Stop

Parents and Teens join us on Sunday, April 30, 2000 11:30 am. for an educational program on the four risk factors associated with drug and alcohol abuse, and how to do something about them!

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27 April 2000 - The Alpine Sun
Drug education program offered at Methodist church

DESCANSO – Parents and teens are invited to an educational program by Chapel of the Hills Community United Methodist Church dealing with the risk factors associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

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21 April 2000 - XETV 6 - KFMB 8 - KGTV 10 - KBNT 19 - KUSI 51 - KSWB 69
Meth congressional forum

Members of a congressional sub-committee visit San Diego. The METH Strike Force is the focal point for the committee, as they want to model other forces after the METH Strike Force.

11 April 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
A good investment | Substance abuse treatment pays dividends

Alcohol and drug abuse costs San Diego County $1.5 billion a year. Nearly $600 million of that is directly related to crime.

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