" "

24 March 2000 - KBNT 19 - KUSI 51
Adult providers

A report on 3 underage teenagers drinking and driving. The results were death for all three. Part of the report dealt with how did these teenagers get the alcohol? Did an adult provide them with the alcohol?

21 March 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Inhalant abuse: a breath away from death

Just days after Cynthia Bramley McCormick held her son's hand as he promised never to abuse inhalants again, the 19-year-old was found unconscious with a plastic bag over his head. Seth Bramley died in September from "bagging" a can of shaving gel.

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21 March 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Warning is sounded on 'huffing'

LAKESIDE – Two teen-agers died last year in San Diego County from sniffing inhalants, a form of drug abuse known as "huffing." Cynthia Bramley McCormick's 19-year-old son was one of them.

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20 March 2000 - XETV 6 - KFMB 8 - KGTV 10 - KNSD 39 - KUSI 51 - KSWB 69
19 March 2000 - KUSI 51
Inhalant abuse among youth

Addresses the growing problem of huffing, bagging or sniffing of chemical fumes among youth. Where common household items are used as inhalants by young children. These items consist of spray paint, shaving cream, fingernail polish remover, these are just a few of the types of items kids can buy without a parent suspecting drug use. (click for brochure)

15 March 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Removing children from dangerous drug environments

Re: "Preventable tragedy: A 6-year-old killer indicts society" (Editorial, March 6):

A tragic thank you for the editorial concerning the drug-infested home of the first-grader who shot and killed a classmate in Mount Morris Township, Michigan.

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8 March 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
House panel seeks ways to keep Baja crime from spilling into S.D.

A week after the assassination of Tijuana police chief Alfredo de la Torre Marquez, a congressional subcommittee took testimony from representatives of area agencies on ways to prevent Baja California's drug-related crime from spilling into San Diego County.

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7 March 2000 - KGTV 10
War on drugs

San Diego requesting monies from the US Government to combat drug use.

March 2000 - Multiple Publications
Every parent should take a drug test
Learn about inhalants, America's newest drug problem

The kids using inhalants today are getting younger and younger, and the use is approaching epidemic proportions. If you're going to protect your kids, you'd better know something about this growing problem. Here's a chance to test yourself, The answers are printed below.

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March 2000 - El Cajon Valley High School

Over the decades marijuana has always been a big subject among the teen population as well a the adults. There have been studies which state that to most sixth grade students a "bag" is just an ordinary paper or plastic bag, but to seventh grade students, just one year older, a "bag" means a bag of marijuana. In recent years, it has turned from a teen fad to something short of an epidemic across the country, and the world.

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March 2000 - El Cajon Valley High School

March is inhalant month. Inhalants are very deadly. 'You can die from inhalants even the first time you do it. People inhale paint thinner, nail polish, and nail polish remover.

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27 January 2000 - The Coast News
Drug court tough gig

Coast Cities – At the Vista Drug Court on Thursday afternoons, talking during the proceedings will net offenders a few hours of community service.

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23 January 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Product placements and moral issues

Re: "White House using TV for drug message" (A-1, Jan. 14):

Has anyone ever gotten bent out of shape seeing a TV sitcom actor holding a Pepsi can or pulling a tissue from a Kleenex box with the brand name and logo in full view? No. that's called "product placement" and advertisers pay dearly for it.

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21 January 2000 - KGTV 10
Drug court

A new program started in San Diego to go along with prevention. Drug Court, a year long program, gives the addict the opportunity to get straight, get educated and go back to work or they can go to jail. It is a program that gives the family or individual a new chance at life.

21 January 2000 - XETV 6 - KFMB 8 - KGTV 10 - KUSI 51
Drug court graduation

Report on the Drug Court Graduation. Several accounts of individuals going through the drug court program vs. going to jail. How they succeeded and are now working and maintaining a normal healthy life style. Families were brought back together. Children are reunited with their parents.

12 January 2000 - The Californian
Drug court program offers addicts second chance

EL CAJON – A 29-year-old mother of two who could easily have spent the next three years in prison or lost custody of her daughter because of drug addiction will graduate tonight from the county's drug court program, with family intact.

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6 January 2000 - The San Diego North County Times
Screenings for drug use offer prevention

Congratulations to the proactive emergency department at Tri-City Medical Center. They are indeed on the cutting edge of patient care by adding drug and alcohol screenings to emergency department protocol ("Screening program a help for patients," Aug. 7).

more details…

6 January 2000 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Healthy, drug-free communities can exist

Every one of us foots the bill for substance abuse one way or the other. The cost of alcohol and drug abuse in San Diego County adds up to $1.8 billion a year in treatment and health care, public safety and social welfare. This is not to mention the personal price families, friends and co-workers pay in destroyed lives.

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