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East County Youth Alliance

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Teenagers throughout East San Diego County assert strong leadership and support substance abuse prevention. Young people advocate for prevention of alcohol and drug abuse and they work in close cooperation with businesses, public health agencies, law enforcement, service organizations, recreation programs, schools and families to make positive changes in community standards, practices and policies.

Youth as Prevention Advocates

We train young people to speak out and write to policy makers and the news media. Youth can influence the news media to report on issues of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse, substance abuse related problems and how they impact young people.

Our youth newsmaking is policy-driven to improve community norms and create healthier, substance-abuse free communities. (click here for youth news quotes)

Youth Journalists

When asked what 'beat' they cover, many youth journalists in colleges, high schools and middle schools are starting to say substance abuse prevention. Under our direction, they write compelling stories about alcohol and drug abuse and the dangerous link to crime, violence and other social ills. They don't just report the date rape, they report the drug and alcohol abuse that may have led to the crime.

Our goal is to encourage young journalists to delve beyond the traditional "who, what, when, where and why" of journalism, and to explore the environment of substance abuse that leads to the "bad, ugly news" of society. (click here for stories by youth journalists)

Join Us

Every child and adolescent deserves to live in an environment that promotes health, success and well being. Join our East County Youth Alliance. We need youth voices to help us create a promising, substance abuse free world for everyone.

For information contact Diane Ake, Prevention Specialist @ (619) 442-2727 ext. 111 or e-mail: preventionspecialist@eccasa.org.

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