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San Diego County Methamphetamine Strike Force

Methamphetamine is a dangerous and persistently used stimulant that has created havoc in our region's emergency rooms, jails, psychiatric settings, and homes. In March 1996, San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob encouraged the Board of Supervisors to authorize the formation of a multi-disciplinary Methamphetamine Strike Force. Included in the Meth Strike Force is a Media Action Team to communicate through the mass media the growing problem of meth.

Communities Against Substance Abuse coordinates the Media Action Team, which works with the news media to spread the word about methamphetamine, generating public support of solutions, and advance policy goals. We also promote the use of the Meth Strike Force Hotline 1-877-NO2-METH (1-877-662-6384) for people to call with anonymous tips for law enforcement and to seek help from treatment professionals.

Successful media advocacy campaigns have:

Led to the expansion of San Diego County's Drug Court program that successfully rehabilitates more non-violent criminal drug offenders than any other drug treatment program in San Diego County. Drug Courts have achieved some of the lowest recidivism rates in the nation. Thanks to these media advocacy efforts, which included news events, feature stories, opinion-editorials and letters to the editor, the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors recently voted to expand Drug Courts, providing drug treatment to every non-violent drug offender in San Diego County.
Support for increased funding for California's Drug Endangered Children Program that removes children living in meth-exposed environments. Working with the County of San Diego District Attorney's Office, we held an official press conference, authored opinion-editorials and letters to the editor, and pitched numerous feature stories to San Diego media on the benefits of the DEC program. The media campaign created favorable public opinion that encouraged California State Legislators to approve increased funding for DEC by as much as $10 million for 2001.

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