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Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego
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Communities Against Substance Abuse/Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego is a progressive organization that helps prevent substance abuse through research, education, advocacy, and service. Communities Against Substance Abuse/Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego conducts year round alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) prevention activities such as media advocacy, media advertising campaigns, community presentations, and after-school activities. The organization works with some 16 regional, and issue-based community collaborative, in addition to a region wide youth alliance.


Using the award-winning anti-drug advertising campaign produced by PDFA that specifically targets youth, Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego (PDFSD) strives to reduce demand for illicit drugs through media communications.
Distribute high quality PDFA television, radio, and print public service announcements to more than 100 media partners in the San Diego market, requesting pro-bono broadcast or publication.
Advance positive ATOD policy change through community organizing, and media advocacy.
Coordinate media efforts countywide.

Operating Structure

Officially designated by Partnership for a Drug-Free America in 1997 as Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego, Communities Against Substance Abuse works as PDFA's regional alliance, and lead agency in San Diego County to facilitate substance abuse prevention partnerships with the media, schools, business, government, and community-based organizations. PDFA entrusts Communities Against Substance Abuse to uphold and continue its stellar reputation in the San Diego market–a significant piece of the national prevention initiative.

In addition, Communities Against Substance Abuse/Partnership for a Drug-Free San Diego works in close cooperation with Key Market Coordinator Jim King of Phillips-Ramsey Advertising in San Diego, California alliance Partnership for a Drug-Free California State Coordinator Cindy Prodor, and PDFA State/City Alliance Program Regional Manager Teri Christensen.

1999/2000 Highlights

As a result of March 2000 Inhalant Abuse Prevention Media Campaign, the Drug/Violence Prevention Program of the State of California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement is producing an inhalant prevention curricula to include in its training curriculum for law enforcement officers, and community groups.
Communities Against Substance Abuse launched an intensive media campaign to expand San Diego County's Drug Court program that successfully rehabilitates more nonviolent criminal drug offenders than any other drug treatment program in San Diego County. San Diego's Drug Courts have achieved some of the lowest recidivism rates in the nation. Thanks to these media advocacy efforts, which included news events, feature stories, opinion-editorials and letters to the editor, the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors recently voted to expand Drug Courts, providing drug treatment to every non-violent drug offender in San Diego County.
Communities Against Substance Abuse/PDFSD served as chief prevention consultant to United States Congressmen Brian Bilbray who orchestrated two congressional hearings in San Diego during spring 2000. PDFSD prepared witnesses, and gathered research for a hearing of the Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources. The hearing was titled, "Responding to the Drug Crisis in Southern California." CASA authored testimony, and provided witnesses for the Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Crime Oversight. That hearing was titled, "The Threat to Communities from the Production, Trafficking and Use of Methamphetamine."
Communities Against Substance Abuse/PDFSD waged an aggressive media campaign to increase funding for California's Drug Endangered Children Program that removes children living in meth-exposed environments. Working with the County of San Diego District Attorney's Office, PDFSD held an official press conference, authored opinion-editorials, letters to the editor, and pitched numerous feature stories to San Diego media on the benefits of the DEC program. The media campaign created favorable public opinion that encouraged California State Legislators to approve increased funding for DEC by as much as $10 million for 2001.
Communities Against Substance Abuse/PDFSD has developed more than 40 TV, radio, and print media partners and is instrumental in the broadcast and publication of nearly $1 million worth of pro-bono media messages in the San Diego market each year.
Communities Against Substance Abuse/PDFSD successfully advocated ATOD prevention issues, and pitched stories that aired or were published in some 100 TV, radio, and newspaper reports.

Future Projects

Expansion of the regional youth alliance.
Work with high school journalists on ATOD depiction and ATOD issues as possible causes of many social ills.
Creation of San Diego Countywide media action team to be proactive on ATOD prevention stories, as well as react in coordinated manner to opportunities in the media.
Help establish drug-free workplace policies with businesses.

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