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East County Hospitality Resource Panel

The East County Hospitality Resource Panel (HRP) is dedicated to fostering responsible principles and practices in the sale and service of alcohol beverages through collaborative efforts between the food and beverage industry, law enforcement, government and prevention groups to promote a safe community.

The panel, which includes law enforcement, prevention and alcohol industry representatives, has set high standards for business conduct, cooperated with enforcement of underage drinking laws and provided advice to high risk bars regarding how to improve both community safety and business competitiveness.

Alcohol sales to minors and police calls for service at participating stores and restaurants have plummeted. The panel is now being replicated in other cities of San Diego County.

HRP Project Objectives

Develop the hospitality industry in East San Diego County to provide safe, responsible environments for social celebrations and business meetings.
Provide a forum to improve relations among alcohol businesses and community organizations, law enforcement and city officials.
Enhance the professional skills of those working in hospitality and licensed beverage businesses and recognize the contributions these people make to the community.
Reduce the consumption of alcohol by minors by eliminating the sales and service of alcohol beverages to underage persons, attempts to purchase and the purchase of alcohol by underage persons.
Reduce the risks of alcohol consumption by adults by reducing the sales and service of alcohol to intoxicated persons and encouraging the implementation of the designated driver programs.

HRP Program Philosophy

The moment of contact between the server and the drinker presents one of the greatest potentials in the prevention of drinking and driving and other alcohol-related problems in the community. By working together, alcohol beverage businesses can join with education, prevention, and law enforcement to enhance the quality of life and economic stability of San Diego County.

HRP Special Events

We also coordinate a number of special events throughout the year, including:
Safe and Sober news event for high school journalists and professional media.
Every 15 minutes drinking and driving prevention program for high school students.

HRP Members

California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control
California Highway Patrol
California State Assembly
Communities Against Substance Abuse
County of San Diego, Dept. of Environmental Services
County of San Diego, Dept. of Health & Human Services
Episcopal Community Services
East County ACCORD
El Cajon Police Department
Food and Beverage Association of San Diego
La Mesa Police Department
Metro Networks
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Office of District Attorney
San Diego Merchants Association
San Diego Responsible Hospitality Coalition
San Diego County Policy Panel on Youth Access to Alcohol
San Diego Sheriff's Department
For more information on HRP contact Bett McDade, Prevention Specialist @ (619) 442-2727 ext. 106, or e-mail: preventionspecialist2@eccasa.org.

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