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East County Community Prevention Alliance

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Communities Against Substance Abuse provides staffing and support to the East County Community Prevention Alliance, which is the County-funded regional alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug prevention collaborative based in communities throughout East San Diego County.

Alpine, El Cajon, Lakeside, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, Santee and the Mountain Empire communities of Pine Valley, Descanso, Jamul, Campo, Jacumba, Tecate/Potrero, and Boulevard have joined together to form a united regional stand against substance abuse.

Using the Federal strategies of community-based process and environmental change (making positive norm and policy change in the environment in which we live), the Alliance seeks to reduce the harm of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, specifically as it impacts youth.

ECCPA Prevention Campaigns

Reduction of Underage Drinking: An initiative to achieve reduction of youth accessibility to alcohol through planning, organization and advocacy of the following policy goals and objectives:
Increase enforcement and community support for sanctions for adult providers of alcohol to minors including increasing shoulder tap enforcement operations and prosecution by local District Attorney.
Youth leadership development and prevention and media advocacy training.

Increasing Responsible Business Practices: Initiatives to focus multi-strategy prevention campaigns that reduce risks of substance abuse among youth and adults in local businesses in East San Diego County through advocacy of the following policy goals and objectives:
Convene meetings of the East County Hospitality Resource Panel to encourage responsible hospitality practices among businesses that provide alcoholic beverages to the public, resulting in completion of assessments and hospitality roundtable.
Increase the number of East County businesses that have agreed to support Substance Abuse Prevention Principles, that may include adoption of Drug-Free Workplace policies through consultation and education about marijuana and other drugs, as well as legal drugs, such as alcohol.
In partnership with the State of California Attorney General's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement and the El Cajon Police Department, implement inhalant abuse prevention training for local law enforcement and community groups.
Increase community support and participation in the Crime-Free Multi-family Housing certification program in our partner communities and increase resources available to this best practices program through the East County region.
Begin changing community norms by increasing the perception of risk and harm associated with use of marijuana by working with media partners to air or publish prevention messages and public service announcements from the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

Methamphetamine Strike Force Campaign:
Increase the perception of harm and risk of methamphetamine use or manufacture by increasing media coverage.

ECCPA Media Action Plan

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Communities Against Substance Abuse (CASA) will submit letters to the editor, op-eds and/or news advisories and releases when opportunities for newsmaking arise to advance our policy goals as listed in exhibit C. In other words, we will respond rapidly to breaking news about ATOD prevention issues.

In addition, CASA will be pro-active in its policy based media advocacy efforts. The following media plans pertain to CASA's three environmental prevention campaigns:
Reduce Underage Drinking.
Increase Responsible Business Practices with respect to alcohol and elimination of illicit drugs.
Methamphetamine Strike Force

Campaign: Reduce Underage Drinking

On an ongoing basis, Communities Against Substance Abuse (CASA) will submit letters to the editor, op-eds or news advisories when opportunistic newsmaking arises, especially with respect to adult providers of alcohol to youth or social availability.

CASA is also partnering with the San Diego Policy Panel on Youth Access to Alcohol, providing media technical assistance, in addition to chairing the social availability committee.

Communities Against Substance Abuse is also developing an East County Youth Alliance of youth ATOD prevention advocates and youth journalists who will participate in all newsmaking and newswriting possible.

Campaign: Increase Responsible Business Practice

Media advocacy strategies will align with prevention initiatives under increasing responsible business practices.

Campaign: Methamphetamine Strike Force

The San Diego County Methamphetamine Strike Force Coordinating Committee has outlined the following policy goals and initiatives for the media advocacy team to advance:
Expansion of Drug Courts for San Diego County Criminal Drug Offenders.
Expansion of San Diego County's Drug Endangered Children Program
Enforcement of pre-cursor chemical control laws.
Promote use of the methamphetamine hotline 1-877-no2meth.
The goals of the Vista Partners Project to include screening and brief intervention (SBI), Operation Housecall, and crime-free multi-housing.
Announce the San Diego County Methamphetamine Strike Force Website.
Generate systemic response to trends involving increased female meth use countywide.

ECCPA Community Collaboratives:
Spring Valley Youth and Family Coalition
Alpine Collaborative
Lemon Grove Collaborative
Mountain Empire Collaborative
Santee Collaborative
Lakeside Teen Advisory Board
El Cajon Collaborative

East County Community Prevention Alliance Guide Team Guiding Principles

Our goal is to strengthen the substance abuse prevention system for East County by guiding regional efforts to develop healthier communities. We propose to achieve this goal by:
1. Thinking regionally and acting locally;
2. Supporting local leadership development and the development of collaboratives, embodied in both staff and community membership;
3. Documenting "what exists," evaluating "what works," and learning from both;
4. Linking local prevention efforts to regional efforts to strengthen existing efforts to resource prevention in our communities;
5. Identifying opportunities and strategic initiatives that communities may wish to support;
6. Supporting development of prevention resources to support the growth and development of healthier communities via both organizational development and prevention skill development;
7. Ensuring broad representation from a variety of economic and geographic sectors so that each community's unique situation informs our regional efforts and that we support each community's "success" over time.

Prevention Initiatives in a Nutshell–ECCPA

1.  Prevention Team Development in regional communities: Alpine, Lemon Grove, El Cajon, Santee, Jamul/Dulzura which will support:
a.  Learning about prevention strategies
b.  Learning about evaluation
c.  Implementing youth-focused environmental prevention initiative
d.  Developing and implementing effective evaluation processes
e.  Strengthen participation and resource development capacity
f.  Create community specific Prevention Plan
2.  School District policy change to support abstinence
a.  Quarterly meetings of Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities and Middle School Coordinators.
b.  Involvement in Prevention Teams
c.  TA and support to improve school surveys – survey 1 high school
3.  Environmental strategy campaign development and implementation
a.  Media plan for Alliance and County-wide coordination
b.  Campaign to reduce youth access to alcohol
i.  2 shoulder tap operations
ii.  Change State law regarding zero tolerance
c.  ECHRP assessments (6) and trainings (2) on responsible beverage service
d.  Employers (24) support "Prevention Principles" and Drug Free Workplace
e.  Inhalant abuse prevention campaign and training with BNE
f.  Support "crime-free multi-family housing" program with media and involve deputies in Prevention Teams
g.  Increase harm/risk perception of marijuana use by distributing PDFA materials
h.  Coordination with County wide campaigns – support regional involvement to support local collaborative and Youth Alliance
4.  Increase youth involvement and development in Prevention
a.  Media advocacy training
b.  CYD training
c.  Student media campaign on underage drinking
d.  Journalism student campaigns working with journalism advisors
5.  Strengthen and support the East County Community Prevention Alliance
a.  Maintain and support the work of the Guide Team
b.  Resource development for initiatives and specific fund sources
c.  Revise Strategic Plan for FY 2001-2002
d.  Development of regional community collaborative capacity via the Sustainability Network

East County Community Prevention Alliance Contacts

Teresa Johnson, Coordinator
Alpine Collaborative
E-mail: breadbasket@myexcel.com

JoAnne Bushby
El Cajon Collaborative
E-mail: jvrbushby@home.com

Bernice Briggs
Lemon Grove Project
E-mail: briggsb@rohan.sdsu.edu

Joseph Cice, Coordinator
Lakeside Teen Advisory Board
E-mail: jcice@sdcoe.k12.ca.us

Debbie Comstock
El Cajon Collaborative
E-mail: rcom@gte.net

Russell Dehnel
Lemon Grove Project
E-mail: rdehnel@pacbell.net

Margaret Eilerman
Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
E-mail: eilerman@pacbell.net

Dave Hunter
Vice Principal
E-mail: dhunter@guhsd.net

Judi Isbell
Mountain Empire Collaborative
E-mail: shschief@aol.com

Christine LaFontant
Lakeside Teen Advisory Board
E-mail: christinelafontant@hotmail.com

Meredith Riffel
Santee Collaborative
E-mail: mriffle@sdcoe.k12.ca.us

Kelly McDade
Mountain Empire Collaborative
E-mail: sdycseccac@aol.com

Marian Novak
Subcontractor Resp. Hosp. Coalition
E-mail: rhcsd@aol.com

Leticia Sanchez
Spring Valley Youth & Family Coalition
E-mail: none

Barbara Warner
Spring Valley Youth & Family Coalition
E-mail: bwarner@sdcoe.k12.co.us

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