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Drug-Free Workplace

Drug abuse in the workplace dropped nationwide in 1999 to the lowest level in eleven years. Still, more than two-thirds of substance abusers are employed and nearly five percent of six-million workplace drug tests a year report positive. Bottom line is that employees who abuse substances COST YOU time and money.
Substance abusers in the workplace:
File four times as many health insurance claims.
Are responsible for 40% of all industrial fatalities.
Are 33% less productive.
Five times more likely to file a worker's compensation claim.
Ten times as likely to miss work.
Three times more likely to be late for work.

It's estimated that nearly eight percent of U.S. workers abuse alcohol or illicit drugs on the job, but many employers are not aware of it. One small business owner had no clue a 15-year employee had a substance abuse problem until the employee crashed their only delivery vehicle and received a DUI. "What you really want to do is preserve the value of that employee's contribution, but sometimes you can't," says Mary Harrison, Executive Director of Communities Against Substance Abuse.

Your company depends on solid, hardworking employees who are on time, alert, skilled and ready to work. A Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Program can assist you and your employees in making the most of their workday, skills and talents, and their lives.
The benefits of having a Drug-Free Workplace:
Reduced absenteeism, tardiness and work-related injuries.
Reduced problems between supervisors & co-workers.
Overall decrease in healthcare and insurance costs.
Increased productivity.
Reduced worker's compensation expenses.
Reduced employee turnover and training costs.

What we offer

Communities Against Substance Abuse provides NO CHARGE seminars, consultation and materials to small businesses in cooperation with local chambers of commerce.

FREE Consultation
Drug-Free Workplace policy development and implementation.
Evaluation of DFWP benefits.
Seminars and training for supervisors, employees and business owners.
Technical support to handle problems.
Collaboration and networking.
Provide consultation in choosing an Employee Assistance Program.

When you need to send an employee for testing, we have coordinated several low cost clinics and labs for you and your company to use.
Pre-employment, reasonable cause, post-accident, return-to-work and random testing.
Pre-employment physicals available.
Medical review of test results when necessary.

Throughout San Diego County, we have assembled a list of facilities where you and your company can send employees that may have an issue with substance abuse. There are several options to choose from. Consult with Communities Against Substance Abuse for more information. Here are just a few options:
The McAlister Institute for Treatment and Education.
East County Counseling Services.
East County Help Ourselves (ECHO).
San Diego Freedom Ranch, Inc.

Additional information

Substance abusers on the job jeopardize the safety of other workers and the future of your business. "You stand to lose not just a good employee, but also your business if you're sued," says Victor Garcia of Communities Against Substance Abuse and President of the East County Latino Association.

Garcia says small business owners want a business that lasts so they can pass it on to their kids. A drug-free workplace is good for business growth and longevity. For no-cost information about drug-free workplace policies call Prevention Specialist Lorenzo Higley (619) 442-2727 ext. 113 or 1-800-580-7200 or e-mail: preventionspecialist@eccasa.org.

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